News and Events

NORMS organizes and sponsors activities at all its seven partner institutions, as well as abroad. The list of events here is not complete. See the partner institutions' web pages for additional listings of local events and activities.


The NORMS project is coming to an end

The official project period for NORMS ends on 31 December 2010. As witnessed by the events page, the project has facilitated a long list of activities related to the investigation of Nordic Dialect Syntax in the period 2005-2010. Some of this activity will be prolonged within other projects under the ScanDiaSyn umbrella and also within the N'CLAV network.

Upcoming events:

There are no more events organized by the project. Activity is continued in the ScanDiaSyn and N'CLAV networks, and information about the Nordic Dialect Corpus and the Nordic Syntax Database can be obtained from this page at the Text Laboratory at the University of Oslo.

Past events:

2010: December 11-12 NORMS Workshop: Joint thematic workshop for Verb Movement and Left Periphery groups, University of Amsterdam. Organized by Kristine Bentzen, Höskuldur Thráinsson, Thórhallur Eythórsson, Olaf Koeneman, and Hedde Zeijlstra. See this page for further information
October 25-26 Workshop and PhD seminar: The Acquisition of Variation, CASTL, Tromsø, 25-26 October. Invited speakers include Cecilia Poletto, Tanja Kupisch, Johanne Paradis, Tom Roeper, Jennifer Smith, Charles Yang, Antonella Sorace, Paula Fikkert. Organized by Kristine Bentzen, Øystein A. Vangsnes, and Marit Westergaard.
October 7-9 NLVN/RILiVS conference: Nordic Language Variation: Grammatical, Sociolinguistic and Infrastructural Perspectives, 7-9 October, University of Iceland, Reykjavík. Invited speakers: Paul Kerswill (Lancaster), Sali Tagliamonte (Toronto), Alison Henry (Ulster), Anthony Kroch (Pennsylvania). Organized by Thórhallur Eythórsson, Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson, Höskuldur Thráinsson, Øystein A. Vangsnes.
September 3 Text Lab workshop: Technological, dialectological, theoretical: Linguistics at the Text Laboratory, Jubilee seminar, Oslo, 3 September. Organized by Janne B. Johannessen. (In part sponsored by NORMS.)
June 10-12 25th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop. Organized by Kristine Bentzen et al.
June 10 NORMS closing seminar, Tromsø. Organized as a part of the 25th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop.
June 7-9 6th Grand meeting for Scandinavian Dialect Syntax, Sommarøya, Tromsø. Invited speakers: Bruce Morén-Duolljá (Tromsø), Antonella Sorace & Caroline Heycock (Edinburgh), and Helge Sandøy (Bergen). Organized by Øystein A. Vangsnes, Kristine Bentzen, Peter Svenonius, Kaori Takamine, and Maia Andréasson.
April 18-21 NLVN researcher training course and fieldwork, Oppdal and Surnadal, Norway: Dative case in Central Scandinavia – structural and sociolinguistic perspectives on an ongoing linguistic change. Deadline for registration: 15 February.
For further information, please contact Tor A. Åfarli, NTNU, or Øystein A. Vangsnes, UiT.
2009: December 7-8 NORMS Workshop: Counterfactuality and auxiliaries in Nordic languages, NTNU, Trondheim. Organized by Kristin M. Eide and Pål Kr. Eriksen.
Go to this page for the workshop information. The program and abstracts may be downloaded here (as pdf documents).
November 30 -
December 1
The Maling Seminar, University of Iceland, Reykjavík. A two day seminar held on the occasion of Joan Maling's appointment as honorary doctor at the University of Iceland.
Go to this page for the program.
September 21-25 NORMS Fosen: Fieldwork on the dialect of Trøndelag. Organized by Kristin M. Eide and Pål Kr. Eriksen, NTNU. A preliminary program can be viewed here and some travel instructions have been provided on a separate page.
August 25-29 5th Grand Meeting for Scandinavian Dialect Syntax, Älvdalen, Sweden. For additional activities under the Scandinavian Dialect Syntax umbrella, see this page.
May 4-8 Dialect workshop on "Inner Scandinavia", Hedmark/Värmland. Organized by Marit Julien.
April 24-25 NORMS workshop: Relating to Reflexives, University of Iceland. Organized by Tania Strahan, Höskuldur Thráinsson, and Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson.
Go to this page for the workshop description. The program is online here.
March 18-19 NORMS Workshop on Determination, University of Tromsø. Organized by Øystein A. Vangsnes and the NORMS thematic group on The Syntax of Noun Phrases.
For the program, go to this page. The workshop description can be viewed here. Information on how to register for the workshop is here.
February 13 NORMS Workshop: Linguistic change and particles, University of Helsinki. Organized by Jan-Ola Östman.
The program and abstracts are here.
2008: December 1 Deadline for applications for Researcher positions in Microcomparative Scandinavian Syntax.
  October 16-17 Revisiting Parameters: Holmberg & Platzack (1995) Reloaded, Lund.
See the program and abstracts.
  September 18-19 Workshop on Subjects and Architecture of Grammar, Trondheim; organized by Tor A. Åfarli and Mari Nygård.
See the program and abstracts.
  September 17-18 Workshop on Auxiliaries and modality, Trondheim; organized by Kristin M. Eide and Guro Busterud.
See the program and abstracts.
  August 24-28 2008 Grand Meeting for Scandinavian Dialect Syntax, Sandbjerg Estate, Sønderborg, Denmark.
  August 8-16 Dialect workshop on Faroese, The Faroe Islands.
See the program.
  June 5-6 Seminar: Typology and Nordic Dialect Variation, Helsinki; organized by Camilla Wide and Pål Kr. Eriksen. Invited speakers: Östen Dahl, Kristin Eide, and Johan van der Auwera. See the program.
  May 29-30 Workshop "Expletives as particles", Helsinki; organized by Jan-Ola Östman. Invited speakers: Tor A. Åfarli, Kari E. Haugland, and Pål Kristian Eriksen. See the program and abstracts.
  May 19-20 Workshop on Root phenomena and the Left periphery, Tromsø; organized by Kristine Bentzen and Gunnar Hrafn Hrafnbjargarson. Invited speaker: Liliane Haegeman.
  March 11-12 Workshop on Negation, Oslo; organized by Eva Engels, Janne B. Johannessen, and Arne Martinus Lindstad. Invited speakers are Liliane Haegeman (Lille), Cecilia Poletto (Padua/Venice), Anne Breitbarth (Cambridge), and Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson (Iceland).
  February 5-6 Workshop on Argument Structure, Lund; organized by Christer Platzack and Mai Tungseth.
The program is available here.
  January 7-11 Dialect Workshop on Western Jutlandic; organized by Karen Thagaard Hagedorn, Henrik Jørgensen, and Sten Vikner.
See the field reports on the ScanDiaSyn blog.
2007: December 8-9 Workshop on Pronouns, Binding, and Anaphora, Reykjavík; organized by Höskuldur Thráinsson. (Information in Icelandic)
October 22-23 Workshop on Exclamatives, Tromsø: invited speakers are Klaus Abels, Lars-Olof Delsing, Ellen Brandner, Paul Portner, and Kjell Johan Sæbø; organized by Øystein A. Vangsnes.
  October 12-15 The NLVN symposium “Dialogue between paradigms” was organized at Schæffergården, Copenhagen.
  August 16-19 2007 Grand Meeting for Scandinavian Dialect Syntax
Mývatn, Iceland; organized by Höskuldur Thráinsson et al.
  May 29-June 1 Dialect Workshop on the Älvdalen dialect,
Älvdalen, Sweden; organized by Henrik Rosenkvist and Piotr Garbacz.
  May 12-13 Thematic Meeting on Particles, Tromsø; special guest Andrew McIntyre.
April 18-20 The Nordic Language Variation Network gathered in Tromsø for a preparatory meeting.
  January 26-27 Thematic Workshop on Verb Placement,
University of Iceland; organized by Höskuldur Thráinsson and Þórhallur Eyþórsson.
  January 18-19 Thematic Workshop on Object Positions,
University of Aarhus; organized by Sten Vikner and Henrik Jørgensen.
2006: November 22 Thematic Workshop on negation,
University of Oslo; organized by Janne B. Johannessen and Arne M. Lindstad.
  Oct 30–Nov 3 Dialect Workshop on North Norwegian,
Senja/Tromsø; organized by Øystein A. Vangsnes.
  September 8-9 Nordic Microcomparative Syntax Workshop
Tromsø, in connection with the annual NORMS board meeting;
organized by Peter Svenonius and Øystein A. Vangsnes.
  August 5-6 Thematic Workshop “Subjects and microcomparative variation”
Trondheim; organized by Tor Anders Åfarli.
  June 12-14 Thematic Meeting on Pragmatic Particles
Helsinki; organized by Jan-Ola Östman.
  June 7-11 2006 ScanDiaSyn Grand Meeting
Solf; organized by Jan-Ola Östman and Øystein A. Vangsnes.
  June 3-7 Dialect Workshop on North Österbotten dialects
Jakobstad/Norra Österbotten; organized by Jan-Ola Östman.
  January 30-31 Workshop on V2, Inversion, and Verb Movement
Tromsø; organized by Øystein A. Vangsnes.